TheBoxBusiness Academy

TheBoxBusiness Academy is the #1 online resource for CrossFit Affiliate owners. Through a 9 module system, we take you through the foundation of running your business. Learn more about each of our modules below.

“Looks great. I’ve been on it for the last 2 hours checking out what’s available. Most comprehensive and well organized business help I’ve found!” Matt Tijerina

Owner, Vertias Strength & Conditioning


Module 1: Attract


One of the biggest struggles CrossFit Affiliate owners share with me is attracting new clients. In this module we take you through 13 proven strategies to attract new clients.

Each Strategy includes:
– Marketing Swipe Files (done for you marketing)
– Video Training
– Support Files
– Communication/Implementation Plans
– Step-by-Step Planning Files
– Real World Examples

Module 2: Coach


World Class Coaching is what makes a World Class Affiliate.

In this module, we take you through video tutorials on what makes a world class coach.

In addition, this module includes:
– Comprehensive Internship Development Program
– Comprehensive Coaching Development Program
– Trainer Evaluations
– Coaching Best Practices and Standards
– Class Procedures
– Program Design
– and so much more!

Module 3: Manage


Your time is so valuable, but incredibly scarce. To become a World Class Affiliate, systems, processes need to be developed so that you can delegate responsibilities.

This module includes:
– How to Develop your Mission, Vision and Philosophy
– Comprehensive New Employee/Trainer Guide
– New Athlete Welcome Packet
– 15+ Policies and Procedure templates
– Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions
– A Robust Tracking System
– Client Relationship Management
– Systems for Daily Operations
– and so much more!

Module 4: Marketing


If you’re not using marketing to your full advantage, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

This module includes:
– A 12-Month Strategic Marketing Plan
– Editorial Calendar
– Communication Plans for events
– Social Media Strategy
– Public Relations Strategies
– Fully Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
– Video Tutorials
– And so much more!

Module 5: Operations


This module showcases the multitude of ways to implmenet programs, seminars, events and personal training into your gym.

This module includes:
– Complete Program Blueprints
— Foundations
— CFKids
— CrossFit
— CrossFit Competitors
— Barbell Club
— Introductory Class/Assessments
— Endurance
— Personal Training
— Mobility
– A Variety of Profit Generating Seminar Blueprints

Module 6: Retention


Retention is the second biggest pain point affiliate owners share with me during our consulting calls.

This module includes:
– Community & Culture Coordinator Job Description
– Proven Strategies to keep clients learning, engaged, accountable, and getting results
– How Referrals Improve Retention
– How to Create a World Class Athlete Experience
– Video Training
– And so much more!

Module 7: Sales


Sales cures all problems in all businesses. If you don’t know how to drive revenue, this is the perfect module for you.

In this module:
– Complete Video training on how to craft your Sales Funnel
– A Comprehensive Personal Training Selling System
— Training Guide
— Worksheet
— Client and Trainer Agreements
— Pricing Sheets
– How to Competitively Price your Memberships
– Deliver more Value…without adding more work
– and so much more!

Module 8: Resources


All of the resources needed to execute a world class experience, automate your systems and processes and more. Our complete recommendations on a variety of tools, products and services.

Module 9: FAQ


The most important questions other affiliates are asking all in one convenient place. This is an amazing learning experience.

“The strategies and actions presented in TheBoxBusiness Academy have helped me put the plug on my leaky retention strategy. Now we’re developing interns and just sent two to become CrossFit Level 1 Trainers” Brad Vickers

Owner, CF-L1, Bluff Street CrossFit